Carcassonne Champions League 2025


Otto Ikonen (Nallerheim)

Prize pool: €135

Big event on 22.Jun 8:00-20:00 UTC on YouTube Nallerheim channel:

To celebrate the milestone of 250 kind souls who have subscribed the channel and to honour the whole competitive Carcassonne community, I have decided to do a charity stream to hype up and to prepare for season two of the Carcassonne Champions League or CCL in short. The final donated amount in its entirety will go towards organising the second season of CCL.


The rules are simple:

  • Playing Carcassonne for 12 straight hours

  • No delay on stream

  • 15€ will be added to the final donated amount every time I lose a game

  • Game settings are to be normal mode with real-time slow speed

  • Opponents must declare their participation in the stream chat prior to setting up a table


Giveaway information


At the end of the stream, we will do a small giveaway handing out a custom made version of Abstractssonne, provided to you by Edouard Dupas (Linkarssonne), a version of base Carcassonne with all parts simplified to help with tile counting -- And to brag your friends about it --


You will automatically qualify to be included in the giveaway draw after you finish a game on stream. As a bonus for winning a game, not only do you earn 15€ to the final donated amount but you will have an additional entry in the giveaway. The final giveaway draw will be made by using 'Wheel of Names'



N2xU 89 - 84 Nallerheim



wallaceprime 96 - 95 Nallerheim



Bluste 104 - 82 Nallerheim



Eugenetse98 105 - 92 Nallerheim



Alexey_LV 113 - 109 Nallerheim



FaubaRR 1 - 0 (Loss on time) Nallerheim



FanaticalLime93 122 - 99 Nallerheim



HappyTim7 118 - 115 Nallerheim



Nallerheim 102 - 90 LazyBore

€15 (from LazyBore)