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28.Feb 2024

New Carcassonne Record Set by Nallerheim on BGA


During the MSO Grand Prix 2024 Carcassonne championship, Nallerheim broke the previous Carcassonne (base duel) record on Board Game Arena with a score higher than 863, previously held by Alexey_LV. This marks a significant achievement in the game's competitive scene.

14.Feb 2024

Carcassonne Championship within MSO Grand Prix 2024 is done


Congratulation to winners:

🏆 Krišs Kauķis (krisna) 🇱🇻

🥈 Otto Ikonen (Nallerheim) 🇫🇮

🥉 Yaroslav Herasymenko (Lawyer) 🇺🇦

Details: MSO 2024

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