Group stage: 8 groups with 6 players.

First 3 players move to playoff:

  • 2nd and 3rd places - to the Playoff Round 1

  • 1st place - to the Round of 16



  • Playoff Round 1

  • Round of 16

  • Quater-finals

  • Semi-finals

  • Grand Final

Best of Three:

  • Group stage

  • Playoff Round 1

  • Round of 16


Best of Five:

  • Quater-finals

  • Semi-finals

  • Grand Final

At least one player in the duel has BGA Premium:

  • Real-time/Slow speed

  • or Tournament with 15 minutes per player - only if both players agreed


Both players in the duel don't have BGA Premium:

  • Tournament with 15 minutes per player


If in the duel both players are with BGA Premium, the "home" player (the fisrt player in the duel) will be in charge of creating the first game and press the Rematch button

Each player should play one match per week.

Both players agree the date and time of the match within the week.


If no date has been agreed upon by Friday 23:59 UTC then both players need to contact admins (carcassonne.gg@gmail.com) and provide details of the efforts made to organise the match

The final position in the group will be determined in the following order:

  1. Number of Matches won

  2. The difference between won and lost Games

  3. Number of Games won

  4. Points 1-3, but only in confrontations between players who have equality

  5. The difference in points scored in confrontations between players who have equality

  6. Random draw

Board Game Arena has changed its rules for Tournaments. Now there is no possibility to create tournament for 2 players. It should be a minimum 3 players:

If you have a match with 2 players without BGA Premium

or you want to play tournament game istead of Real-Time game

you can do next:

Create a tournament for 3 players, then player #3 should withdraw from the tournament after it begins

Here is an example: https://boardgamearena.com/tournament?id=264763

If your opponent does not appear 15 minutes after the match starts,

notify administrators about that by the link on the Matches page:

Then players must agree on a new time and play the match this week or ASAP next week.


For Round 5 and Playoffs:

- if the player does not appear for the weekend match, he automatically loses (the match can be played with the consent of the opponent)

- the match must take place within the scheduled week


The player who missed the start of the match (15 minutes) gets a warning 🟨

The 3rd and all next warnings are an automatic loss of the match 🟨+🟨+🟨 → 🟥


List of warning check on the Rules page.

Players are expected to play their own games without advice or coaching from others, and the use of tile-counting or memory aids (e.g. apps, spreadsheets, or pen and paper) is strictly forbidden. Players are also responsible for avoiding potential unrequested aid

In case of a tie within one game, the player who started second wins

If a player runs out of time, they automatically lose the current game, but not the entire match

In case of any additional questions, please see the WTCOC 2023 Rules




not showing up for the match vs vadzimir on January 8th


not showing up for the match vs zaharik on January 17th



not showing up for the match vs Nallerheim on January 18th